Learn to Participate in an Exhibition

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Jagat Shah

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Why this course?


"Learn the art & science of participation in an exhibition”.


There are many tools of market entry. Exhibitions is one of them. The difference in exhibition is that the buyers / prospects come to you, which is a great game changer for a seller, psychologically. Now, the age has come for Virtual expos. However, many aspects of exhibitions being explained here applies to virtual expo also.


40% of success of an exhibition is before the expo & 40% after the expo. 20% is during the expo. What matters is what you do before & after exhibition which will determine success for your business.


Exhibitions are an influential platform for SMEs, corporates, manufacturers, trading companies, service sector companies, entrepreneurs, start ups, professionals, experts, influencers, and industry to come together, share inputs, book orders and build business relationships.


Learn the ART & SCIENCE of exhibiting your product professionally by planning and executing your thoughts for business outcomes from an exhibition.


Join this session to learn how to participate in an exhibition professionally & how to convert exhibition visitors into actual business.

Course Curriculum

Dr. Jagat Shah Lecture on Exhibition participation (59:00)

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