Art and Science of Franchising

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Jagat Shah

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Why this course?


Art & Science of Franchising 

Post Covid, can to giving your franchise or taking up a franchise, be a business opportunity? 

Learn these aspects about Franchising business : 

What is Franchising
How does a Franchise business work
5 Types of Franchises
Why Franchise your business
Benefits of Franchising
Pre requisites to starting a Franchise, either way

10 Steps to opening a Franchise, either way

Why to take up a Franchise
How to identify overseas franchise to take it up in India 

Tips for success in the Franchise world

How to write a Franchise business plan, either way

Insider tips to determine the value of a Franchise

Rating of a Franchise
How to finance a Franchise 

A franchise agreement format. 

Examples of successful Franchises – both ways  (Global & Indian examples from large, Medium & small companies)

Course Curriculum

Franchising Video A
08_Franchising Video_B

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