Cultural Entrepreneurship

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Jagat Shah

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Why this course?


Cultural entrepreneurship 

Looking for a new business with low investment ? 

Check out Cultural entrepreneurship 

Cultural entrepreneurship requires very little capital. This is a highly satisfying business and can be done by anyone on the side of their existing business or as a new business. 

Why should one become a cultural entrepreneur ?
Cultural Entrepreneurs are cultural change agents and resourceful visionaries who organize cultural, financial, social, and human capital, to generate revenue & create jobs. 

Scope of cultural entrepreneurship across India and the world includes, Businesses around traditions, heritage, sports, music, skills, dress, stories, art, decorations, visual arts, feasts & celebrations, food, place, dwellings (antique, historic).

Attend this program and learn about this rarely presented & discussed subject.

Course Curriculum

12_Cultural entrepreneurship Part 1
12_Cultural entrepreneurship Part 2

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