Delegation of Authority

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Jagat Shah

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Why this course?


“Many SME owners & professionals tell me that they are very busy and have no time". 
- Dr. Jagat Shah 

Learn how to create entrepreneurial time for creative & strategic work to grow your business or profession. How to get away from operational aspects of your business or profession with positive impact in your work & profits. 

This can be done through a process based delegation of "secured" authority to people in your company. What is that process ? 

Very innovative, practical and easily doable exercises are presented. Live examples of business owners who have achieved have been shared.

Course Curriculum

02 Pol (4:00)
03_ Overview
04_What is Delegation
05_Principles, importance & benefits
06_Case Study1
07_Barriers, ways to overcome, 7mistakes
08_ Elements of delegation
09_ Difference between Accountability & responsibility
10_ Practical approach for delegation
11_ Process of delegation
12_ RASCI model
13_ Analysis tools & review
14_ Demo
15_ Summary
16_ Q&A

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