Technology transfer & joint venture opportunities for SME’s

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Jagat Shah

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Why this course?


How to seek & give technology transfer & seek joint venture partners ?

Due to research & development as well as funding, many new technologies are built in developed countries. However, large markets exists in countries like India. There is a need to marry the two - technology & market ! 

Post COVID, we need to look forward for collaborations rather than competition. Joining hands and working together will help all grow more. 

Digitisation has also become a key part of technology adoption. Several real time technology transfer offers are being presented.

Small medium businesses often feel that technology transfer ( TT ) and joint ventures ( JV ) are for large companies. It’s not true. Globally, 80% of businesses in terms of numbers are small & medium businesses. They are ready to partner with other SME's.

At the same time, there are many technologies which Indian companies can offer to Africa. This will be showcased too. 

We have invited companies from USA, Israel, Argentina, UK who have technology & JV to offer and they share their offers. 

Join this one-hour interactive session with 5 technology experts from India and abroad to learn how to give & take technology transfer and how to seek joint venture partners globally

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction: About the organization (4:00)
2. Overview: Technology transfer & Joint Venture
3. What is technology transfer? (4:00)
4. What is joint venture? (1:00)
5. Are you ready for a joint Venture? (5:00)
6. Partner search for Joint Venture (5:00)
7. Technology transfer from India to Africa (8:00)
8. Transfer of technology & JV developed nations to India (1:00)
9. Where to find technology database in India & abroad? (6:00)
10. Technology transfer & Joint Venture: Tal zilberberg (11:00)
11. Technology transfer & Joint Venture: Doug Bruhnke (8:00)
12. Technology transfer & Joint Venture: JP Dymax (9:00)
13. Technology transfer & Joint Venture: John Conway (4:00)
14. Finding technology tools finding India & abroad (3:00)
15. Conclusion

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